FTP Now® - FTP Client for Transferring Files Easily!
FTP Now is a fast, multi-threaded Windows FTP client software with the look-and-feel of Windows Explorer. It makes moving files between the Internet and your computer as simple as local file manipulation. Whether uploading a Web page, an image, or downloading music and software or transferring various files between your computer and any FTP server, FTP Now will get the job done easily and fast, it is suitable for beginner and expert.

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  • Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/

  • 16 MB RAM

  • 2-3 MB hard disk space

  • An Internet Connection
    "Great, Simple, Easy to use interface!"
    - CNET User Opinions
    "The best FTP software!"
    - ZDNet User Opinions

    Rated 5 out of 5

    Rated 5 out of 5

    Rated 5 Stars
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    NEW! Full Drag and Drop FTP Upload and Download
    Simply drag one or more files or even complete folders onto FTP Now's file list area to transfer them. >>

    Upload/Download Multiple Files Simultaneously
    FTP Now is a multi-threaded FTP client software, you can configure how many files are transfered simultaneously. >>

    Fully Customizable User Interface

    Fully customizable user interface, docking windows, and toolbars.

    Unlimited Free Technical Support

    By registering your copy of FTP Now, you obtain unlimited free technical support. >>


    How can FTP Now benefit you?

    * Upload/Download Entire Folders at Once
    * Connection Wizard - Guides you through the necessary steps of creating a new FTP connection
    * You can connect to another server, while file transfers are still in progress.
    * Bookmark FTP Folders and go to them with just one click
    * Windows Explorer Look and Feel
    * Automatically retry if a connection attempt failed

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    Alternative FTP Clients

    SmartFTP comes with various trial versions that are offered for free. They can be downloaded from a given site and the FTP client software can be purchased from the official website. However, there are still many people who are curious or not fully aware how such kind of client software works. If you are one of them, you are going to learn the basic and important facts about it.
    SmartFTP Defined
    SmartFTP has been the FTP client software which is utilized to transfer files on the internet. This features an intuitive and easy interface which greatly helps in downloading filed or publishing the website. It has been fully compatible with the FTP hosting.
    Other define SmartFTP as the network file transfer program designed for Microsoft Windows supporting file transfer through Amazon S3, Rapidshare, WebDAV, SFTP, FTP, and FTPS products. This is also supporting FXP, IPv6, and SSL/TLS and has been featuring the transfer queu, firewall and proxy support, Drag-and-Drop, chmod features, multiple connections and backup tool.
    This is also the software that makes use of Windows API which works well for the interface. SmartFTP has been available for x64 and IA-32 Windows editions.
    SmartFTP has been the commercial desktop FTP client which was written by SmartSoft LTD. It has been made available in 3 versions: the Ultimate, Professional and Home. It has been offering various features as what mentioned earlier to allow you obtain maximum performance from the FTP server. When talking about all versions, you can conduct the following tasks:

    • “Favorite sites” list is available for storing the ExaVault connection details as well as typically used local folders.
    • Auto resumes and reconnect allows you to resume the transfers whenever there is an interruption in the internet connection.
    • The software checks the file integrity right after downloading or uploading.
    • Local server folder synchronization is integrated for you to stay updated.
    • Unattended and scheduled file transfers mean that there is no need for you to be around just to transfer files.
    • Secures transfers with its FTP-SSL
    • Integration of Windows Explore to allow you transfer files with the right-click.

    Ultimate and Professional Versions
    For the Ultimate and Professional versions, you can receive the following features:

    • Email notification for file transfer failure or completion.
    • FTP scripting
    • FTP over SFTP (SSH)
    • File encryption that keeps the data away from some prying eyes

    Smart FTP Installation and Downloads
    SmartFTP installation has been made straight forward and easy. Its developers made an excellent job when it comes to their official installation documentation. Installing Smart FTP is basically done through downloading the Smart FTP installation package. After that, run this installer. This has been the standard installation in terms of any Windows-based program. At certain instances, you would be requested to close the web browser as well as other running applications to complete the installation process. There are also tutorials provided for Smart FTP configuration and connecting to the website. In this way, you will have a better idea on how you are going to use SmartFTP.

    You will find a lot of FTP solutions which are offered for free. Most of them have been made both server and client available for more efficient and more flexible use. One of them is Filezilla which has been the open source software and has been distributed for free under the GNU General Public License terms. If you want to learn about it, you are going to discover that it will be very useful and extremely helpful software for a business. Find out how it can make significant changes to you and your business.
    What is Filezilla?
    Filezilla refers to the cross-platform and free FTP software application. It is comprised of Filezilla Server and Filezilla Client. The binaries have been available for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. This is also supporting FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS), SFTP and FTP. Its source code has been hosted on SourceForge while the project has been featured in November 2003 as the Project of the Month.
    Filezilla has been made fully featured FTP client and an easy-to-use GUI. This has been indicated in C++ and makes use of the wxWidgets library. When talking about special features, you will find a lot from this FTP client. These include:

    • IPv6 support
    • Supports SSH File Transfers Protocol (SFTP), FTP and FTP over SSL/TLS (or FTPS)
    • Widely available in over 40 languages
    • Supports transfer and resume of larger files >4GB
    • Keep-alive
    • Speed limits
    • Drag and Drop support
    • Bookmarks
    • Filename filters
    • Remote file editing
    • Directory comparison
    • Network configuration wizard
    • Easier to use transfer queue and Site Manager
    • Logging to file
    • Remote file search
    • Synchronized directory browsing
    • Tabbed interface for connected to multiple servers
    • FTP proxy support, SOCKS5, and HTTP/1.1

    How to Use Filezilla?
    There were several sources made for using Filezilla. This time, you will be given an idea on how to access and use Filezilla carefully.
    Filezilla could be downloaded for free from a given site. After installing and downloading the program, open it up. First, you have to set the program in order to get connected to the web host. The following details are essential:

    • The FTP password
    • FTP username
    • The FTP server which is located next to the corresponding user. It is situated in the FTP manager accounts table.

    Once you opened the program, you should enter in the connection details to get connected to the site. You have two options to do this. When you got various FTP sites, then you can organize them through the use of “Site Manager”. When you manage only one site, make use of “Quickconnect.”
    If you want to learn further details about how to use Filezilla successfully, you can explore the web and visit some sites that provide a complete and reliable detail regarding the step by step process to take. Filezilla has been made an easy to use FTP Client to provide numerous benefits and great convenience to the users. Through these basic ideas, you will have an idea on how to stay connected all the time.

    The FireFTP is an open source, cross- platform and free FTP client for Mozilla FireFox in the form of visible add-on. The FireFTP supports other types of platforms such as SFTP, FTP and FTPS. The FireFTP is considered as one of the most used platform of the many people. It is also considered as a type of charityware that usually runs in the platform through the support of FireFox.
    You can able to turn the activation of FireFTP through setting the Tools menu. You need to open the two pane view located in the FireFox window. The pane on the left hand side shows of the local file system contains the list of files of the current directory and the other directories. In the right handed pane will also show the remote of the FTP server. Between the panes you can able to see two buttons with arrows. The one button is for upload while the other button is for download.
    How to Connect to FTP Server?
    To be able to connect to FTP server you will have two options, you can either use the Account Manager to create FireFTP remember settings that will talk about the site that may also includes the username, password, initial directories, passive mode, and the security settings  or you just enter the name of the site directly. Through the FireFTP, you will surely attain supports from the caching directory listings. The FireFTP can do the comparison between the remote and the local directory. You can also connect to FireFTP through connecting using the proxy servers that can allow you to reconnect automatically after the disconnection. You can also use it to set the intercept ftp:// links in the Firefox
    How to Install FireFTP?

    • Installing the FireFTP is easy as long you know how to install it correctly. To install the FireFTP you need Firefox so that you can able to run the FireFTP. You cannot install it as standalone application and program. It can also serve as an expansion of the Firefox.
    • You can install it through going to a certain link that allows you to download the FireFTP.
    • To properly install the FireFTP, you need to let the page finish its loading process. After the loading process wait for a notification that will ask you to click the link. The Firefox might probably display a thin yellow bar that will indicate the installation was blocked. If a thin yellow bar appeared then you need to click the button located in the upper right that will enable you to add the FireFTP to your sites or list that you approve to have.
    • A notification may also appear when the loading and installation process of FireFTP is either successful or blocked.

    How to Uninstall the FireFTP?
    Uninstalling the FireFTP is also easy. You can uninstall the FireFTP if you will go to the Tools Add-ons. Some selections will surely appear. Choose the FireFTP and then click the button of uninstall. A notification will also appear saying that you successfully uninstalled the FireFTP.

    The WinSCP is also known as the Windows Secure CoPy. The WinSCP is an open source and free FTP, SCP and SFTP client of the Microsoft Windows. The main function and purpose of WinSCP is to secure the transfer process of files between a remote computer and local computer. The use of WinSCP can also offer file synchronization purpose and the basic file manager. Through the use of WinSCP, the users can able to ensure the confidentiality and security of the file transfer. The WinSCP uses supports form the SCP protocol as an addition tool to SFTP and Secure Shell which is also knwona s the SSH. The WinSCP is considered as one of the most used platform by many people. The popularity and efficiency of WinSCP manifested when the WinSCP obtained rank number2 in popularity for the FTP software.
    The development of the WinSCP started around in the year 2000. Several studies and researches are currently in progress to develop better and more efficient WinSCP. It was originally hosted by the University of Economics located in Prague. The author of the WinSCP worked at that time in the university. On July 16, 2003, the WinSCP became under the licensed of the GNU GPLand of SourceForge.net. The development and even the implementation of WinSCP are based on the implementation of the FTP protocol form FileZilla and SSH protocol from PuTTY. The WinSCP is also available as a plug-in for two file managers such as Altap Salamander and FAR.
    What are the features of WinSCP?

    • It is an excellent graphical interface
    • You can translate it into many languages
    • It is easy to use through the integration of the windows
    • Suit for all common operation of files
    • It serves as a support for SCP and SFTP protocols over the FTP protocol, SSH-1 and SSH-2
    • The Batch file are command-line interface, .NET wrapper and scripting
    • Directory synchronization
    • Text editor
    • It supports keyboard-interactive, Kerberos, SSH password and public key authentication
    • You have an options to import the session information From the PuTTY registry
    • Options to store information
    • Options to use Norton Commander interfaces or Windows Explorer
    • You can upload your files and retain the original date and time stamps.

    How to Install the WinSCP?
    The installation process of WinSCP is easy. You just need to the click the next button many times before leaving the default options. You must select what settings you want to use, you can use either Windows Explorer interface or the Norton Commander interface.  You need to establish the security connection of the local computer that you are using to the remote server. You need to open the WinSCP client and navigate to the next session section. Enter all the information needed such as the port number and the host name. Choose the preferable protocol. Save the settings to properly install the WinSCP. Notification will appear that you are now currently using the WinSCP which also indicates that you can now use the WinSCP.

    The use of technology as of today is very helpful to man because everything is made easier and possible. There are lots of new inventions and discoveries in the field of technology to further improve it. People were still struggling to make new ones which will be known in any part of the globe. The World Wide Web has been giving the maximum benefit to man.
    The existence of the World Wide Web has been the greatest discovery being made by man. Man is ripping the maximum benefit derived from the use of it. This was been considered as a blessing in making some aspects of life easier with great convenience. With this lots of software applications were being introduced to the world.
    CyberDuck belongs to the family of file transfer protocol which is being used to secure significant places. This has been the best FTP that was launched to the public and is being made free to download. With its innovative and flexible features it has been the favorite of people who have been using file transfer protocol. It has been very beneficial because all the needs of the users are being satisfied. A broad compatibility with several protocols is being enjoyed by its users.
    This software is very easy to be used which offers a variety of options to configure the style of member login. It is being used in logging in   to Mobileme Account that is being known for its former trademark as MAC and  to all other file transfer sites which an individual has an account.  The software is being written in java language that made use of the framework of Cocoa user interface. This is being used in support file transfer protocols with the use of AUTH TLS together with the use directory synchronization. Users are interacting with the application being known as Cocoa applications GUI through a file transfer being done by drag and drop and the notifications which is to be receiving via Growl. The software allows users to open files in external text editors.
    Mac OS X Keychain and Bonjour networking are also supported by CyberDuck together with the bookmark manager. Cyber duck itself is supporting lots of languages and they are as follows:

    • English
    • Catalan
    • Czech
    • Chinese (both the traditional and simplified)
    • Danish
    • Dutch
    • Finnish
    • French
    • German
    • Hebrew
    • Hungarian
    • Indonesian
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Norwegian
    • Polish
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Slovak
    • Spanish
    • Swedish
    • Thai
    • Turkish
    • Ukrainian
    • Welsh
    CyberDuck has an interface which is very easy to be use, and allows every user in editing files with their preferred editor. The editing is being made easy provided there is an external editor application installed into the program. The distribution of the content of the file is being made possible. The configuring of the Amazon Cloudfront and Akamai is made easy to deliver the files at any part of the globe. There are lots of things which can be done with high regards to global competencies to make every day activity worthy of the time and effort being exerted.

    Comparison of SmartFTP vs. Filezilla vs. WinSCP vs. CyberDuck
    The use of internet has been making a great significance in the world as of today. People have been enjoying the maximum benefit that it offers. The transferring of files from one computer to another is being made possible, however there is a risk if this activity is to be done without any added security features to the application or program itself.
    File transfer protocol or known as FTP is able to define the set of rules that is to be transferred over the internet. The FTP hosting services allows the user to make an exchange of large files from one computer to another in a more secured way. It has components which are being classified into two namely: FTP Server and Client server. To enable the process there will always be a receiver and that will be the client server.   An individual who wish to enjoy the benefits being offered by FTP they should secure an account that they will be using for them to be able to do the transferring of file. 
    This kind of transfer is being enjoyed not only a certain business but by all the types of industries which makes file transfer as well. The content that is being entailed into the file is not just easy to be opened if the person who wish to read it is not authorized to have it viewed. The encryption that is present into the file being transferred ensures it security.
    Below are the most love File Transfer Protocols by lots of people in any part of the globe. The features are rich and well defined that makes them different from one another.

    • SmartFTP

    This file transfer protocol is offered free which is especially designed for non commercial use. There is a 30 days trial given to those individuals who wanted to test the reliability of the software. There are nice features that this software has because it is able to connect to multiple servers at the same time and edit multiple files. This FTP is very easy to be used which allows every user to work excellently.

    • Filezilla

    This FTP software is ready for download from its website. The Filezilla can be able to upload and download file and in editing of in place file. It is very ideal because of the features and advance functions that are offered by the software program itself. There isn’t a need to be worried of about committing mistakes since it is very easy to be used.

    • FireFTP

    This is just a Firefox add-on but it is more powerful than the average browser extension that most people have been using. It is being run in a browser tab instead of having it opened in another program window. The features are just the same with some other desktop FTP clients.

    • WinSCP

    This TFP only works on windows-based system. The program is supporting SCP, SFTP, FTPS and plain old FTP that also comes with some unique features like remote text editing and synchronized browsing.

    • CyberDuck

    This program has a very innovative and flexible features which makes it to be a newly FTP favorite. There is a broad compatibility of several features which can be enjoyed by the users. The style of the member login can be configured with lots of option how it will be done. The software is written in java language and is being supported by multiple languages.

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