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Personal FTP Manager
First, click on the Personal FTP Manager icon, then the Personal FTP Manager windows will pop up. Next, you can enter a FTP address, user name and password to the textbox and press the "Connect" button to make a connection. You can also add the ftp's information to the Personal FTP Manager by pressing the "Add ftp site" button so that next time you can make connection immediately without enter those information again. You can delete those ftp's informations later as you want.

Popular FTP Site
We have provided many popular ftp sites for you. Just click on a site that you want to go, then the system will connect automatically.

Resume a Broken Download
FTP Now support resuming a broken download, you can select to overwrite the old file or to resume that file.

Link Keeping
This function can (automatically) keep the connection to the ftp server, when you have no action in it.

Minimize to System Tray
You can minimize FTP Now to the taskbar when you are uploading and downloading a file or in the normal situation.

Quick Connect

Enter a ftp server address to the combo box in main windows, for example, "ftp.domain.com", then press enter or press the go button for quick connection.
Note: This function is used for anonymous login only.

Automatic Binary(image) / Text (ascii) Mode Switching

FTP Now will automatically switch to an appropriate mode upon the file you will download or upload.

File and Directory Type

In the FTP Server area, the symbolic link will be shown with a character "L" icon in the remote directory
listbox, and the block special file, character special file, named pipe special file and local socket special file will be shown with a character "B", "C", "P" and "S" in the remote file listbox respectively.

Supported Basic Operations

FTP Server: Make directory, Rename file or directory, Refresh, Delete file or directory, Download file.
Local Computer:  Run a specified file, Rename file, Refresh, Delete file, Upload file.

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